Stella Artois | 2022
Uncomfortable Food

According to data, 96% of home kitchens in Brazil are led by women,
while only 7% of award-winning restaurants are run by them
(IBGE / Chefs Pencil).

This disparity caught the attention of Stella Artois, that in partnership
with chefs from all over Brazil, launches a menu that transforms the
experienced by women in gastronomy into original dishes

“Uncomfortable Food”: an initiative to take gastronomy out of the comfort zone.

We used "comfort food" to portray this social tension through "Uncomfortable Food", a term that refers to the barriers they face.

Renowned chefs across the country gathered to gave rise to this gastronomic experience – each of them is a reflection on the current gastronomy scenario and an invitation to change that will encourage in three main pillars: visibility, credit and training.

In an exclusive dinner, the chefs presented their creations and showed how deliciously necessary uncomfortable foods are.

The launch dinner, where the menu was presented, was a huge success.

For the expanded menu, which could be tried in different parts of Brazil, delicious foods were also created.

The movement spread even further: our chefs were seen all over the country showing that the present is female.

The gods of food are different, huh?
CW: Júlia Calais, Igor Moura
AD: Tiago Pinheiro, Beatriz Sotero, Henry Kage

CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi
ECD: Rafael Ziggy
Group CD: Erick Mendonça
CD: Nayara Lima, Gabriela Moura

my role: concept, copywriting

Vult - O Boticário | 2022

The process of discovering female beauty goes beyond direct contact with the mirror. Far away the stereotypes created about what is "beautiful", beauty for many women reveals itself at different moments in life, when contemplating their emotional baggage, journeys, scars, desires and particularities.

In parallel to all this, makeup, which is used to be an imposition reinforcing unattainable standards, now becomes a true tool, an option for those who want to enhance their characteristics, expressing themselves to the world.

"Bem-Vinda" (Welcome) is about this process. An advertising piece by Vult that came to life in the interpretation of Isabel Teixeira,
a talented actress who play Maria Bruaca in the most successful remake in Brazil, Pantanal.

In the first campaign of her career, Isabel interprets herself in this process of discovery through beauty. 

In a poetic way, the 70-seconds film shows the symbolic scene of this moment of meeting herself, with the mirror and makeup. 

Isabel walks to a dressing table to the sound of Bem-Vindaa song developed especially for the campaign and performed by the renowned singer Cida Moreira.
  The original song transports us to an intimate and contemplative moment,
  which connects the actress's life with many women.

Bem-Vinda was so successful that the lyrics were available on platforms so that
the public could follow along.

The project comes at a time of great cultural effervescence around the figure of Isabel, who has established herself in the imagination of Brazilian teledramaturgy.

The result of this? In 48 hours, there were more than 49% of estimate impacts for the entire campaign. There were also 571% more views on Youtube in the first 24 hours. At the end, the campaign reached 20M impacts (74% above the 2022 goal), and a growth of more than 768% organic views on Instagram.

The campaign reinforce Vult's new positioning "Voa, que o mundo é seu" (Fly, the world is yours), focused on the power of this message about connection and discovery, present in the discourse of female ascension (in all the scopes) that the brand carries.

Bem-Vinda, therefore, talks about the freedom to fly and believe in your own power, transforming women through makeup.
CW: Júlia Calais

CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi

my role: concept, copywriting, music composition, voice direction

Piraquê | 2021
A Cidade da Bolacha

Original recipes. Of original cookies. Wait. Cookies?
In most parts of Brazil, a cookie is called "biscoito". But not in São Paulo:
here people call it "bolacha".

All the cookie packages in Brazil read biscoito. That's why people from
São Paulo have always heard that bolacha doesn't exist
. How can we
change that?

To celebrate São Paulo's city anniversary, Piraquê, a brazilian cookie brand whose tagline is A receita é ser original (the recipe is to be original), gave the city's population one of their greatest originals.

For the first time ever in history, biscoito has turned into... bolacha.

After all, São Paulo is the City of Bolacha and deserves this original gift.
To make it even more powerful, we created a film that celebrates the city and announces the bolacha

Supla, an original singer from São Paulo, was the voice of it.
How it happened?
@SuplaOriginal kick off the movement by launching his personalized bolacha

After it, the movement gained even more strength with other big names from São Paulo customizing their packages.

On January 25, the action was completed by launched Piraquê's bolacha package and film.
            The silhouette of the state, which is a signature of the city's sidewalks,
            was also brought to the identity of the packaging, which has the term
            bolacha written.

And then, celebrities posted the new package on their social media.





Piraquê showed that an original cookie can be called bolacha.
Happy Birthday, SP!

CW: Júlia Calais, Gabriel Marra, Pedro H Santos
AD: Thiago Fernandes, Gabriela Gonzalez

ECD: Sleyman Khodor
CD: Rodrigo da Matta 
Content CD: Felipe Pimentel

my role: concept, copywriting, voiceover direction

MIADO Clothing | 2023
Personal Project

Miado is an authorial clothing brand
created to bring personality, fun and definitely no criteria. And we are different because we are real:
in the video and photos you'll see our friends, in their own styles and with what they really believe

The authorial collection, named WTF (What the Fuck), brings FishMariaPatomanocu and CatChup as art and concept.


We definitely like to make noise! So, the Noisy Collection comes with everything to make the winter hotter :)

How about a hoodie SUPER comfortable? With the Melted emoji positioned in a strategic place on the back we guarantee: you will rock.

I'm sorry for the quiet ones, but what we really like is to make noise. That's why the Making Noise hoodie comes with details on the chest and on both sleeves.

The collection 90's Kid brings the childhood that all of us from the 90's still have inside us (with our hint of madness, of course).
With the phrases "Cool Kids Never Die", "90's kid" and "Forever Young", we sold our shirts out within 24 hours of launch.

Cool Kids Never Die it's an authorial t-shirt, made for those want to have a lot of charm in a different way.

With the vibe of the 90s, we know that we will be cool kids forever.

This Smells Like Teen Spirit t-shirt, huh? It's just that age doesn't matter:
if you have style, you'll be cool forever.

Forever Young t-shirt, inspired by the famous band from the 90's, brings all the joviality and personality of those who know they will be young forever.


Were you born in the 90s? So do we! That's why we decided to celebrate the eternal childhood of the 90's children who live in us. Inspired by this decade's video game, we created a t-shirt that has everything to do with who loves games (who didn't do?). Cheers!

The Weird Colletcion believes that everyone has a weird side. So we've launched this strangely stylish for people who knows (and likes) it.
Butterflies and their delicacies. No, wait! This one has a little detail on the wing that only those who are more or less delicate will get it.

As Miado's supreme cat would say, the world will end in alien. Before it's gone, we've created the t-shirt that works in every situation - even at the end of the world.

This t-shirt is for all who wants more:
more holidays, more sleep until noon, more beer and more money to pay bills.

Brazilcore is a cool, limited and authorial collection for those who want to celebrate Brazilian style with a lot of fun ;)

Our soccer cat is hitting the goal just right.

If you have this t-shirt, you're going to make a great goal.

Our bird promise with paw together: whoever buys this shirt, will be lucky for Brazil.


The name Miado (Meow) was inspired by the sarcasm and selectivity of felines, who have a unique personality and humor.
Our logo is a dog wearing glasses and meowing, because Miado is this: no sense at all. And the dog's hands changes because Miado is also fun and welcoming.

In other words, Miado is for everyone who wants irony, style and authenticity in everyday life.
Miado is a brand for humans that seeks to do more than fashion: but make fun.

Do you want to know more about Miado? Check it out here or shop it now :)


my role: entrepreneur, creative direction, concept, creative, copywriting, strategy 

Açúcar União | 2020
Há 110 anos transformando
os seus dias

To celebrate 110 years of its history, the Brazilian sugar brand União invited consumers to cook recipes that reminds them of good memories.

Through these real stories, we explore the brand's range of products - from
natural to culinary.

With the concept Há 110 anos transformando os seus dias (110 years transforming your days), União celebrates the power to transform people's lives in a campaign of five commercials.

Sugar turns into cake, that turns into memories, that turns any Wednesday into the best day of the week.

CW: Júlia Calais, Zé Luís Schmitz
AD: Gabriela Gonzalez, Rafael Rosa

ECD: Sleyman Khodor
CD: José Neto, Rodrigo da Matta

my role: concept, copywriting