Consul is a house appliance brand in Brazil that created the Consulado da Mulher (Consulate of Women): a social project that empowers women fro low-income areas through entrepreneurship.

With more than 35.000 empowered women, Consulado da Mulher transforms lives every day. That's why we created #ElasInvestem: a tribute to the success
of these women.


To honor them, we invited female graffiti artists to create murals across Brazil. Each one of them developed an artwork portraying a woman and her story. With
a QR Code you could become inspired by these women’s life stories.

The graffitis were strategically placed on famous venues around Brazil, such as Beco do Batman.
To make the action even more meaningful, the graffiti artists met the enterprising women and their stories personally.

With great pride, women entrepreneurs had their faces and stories spread throughout Brazil, making even more people aware of the project.

To spread the word even further, we invited the duo from a renowned Brazilian podcast called Mamilos to talk about the project. The podcasters interviewed entrepreneurs and gave their take about the importance of female role models in the country.

CW: Júlia Calais, Thaís Brandão
AD: Gabriela França, Vitor Camacho

CCO: Joanna Monteiro
ECD: Fábio Simões
CD: Marco Monteiro, André Pallú

my role: concept, copywriting