Women To Watch + Meio & Mensagem

In the pandemic, working from home has impacted many people’s lives,
especially women. We, who are advertising professionals, also become cooks,
cleaning ladies, drivers, teaching assistants and even hairdressers
To fight against overloaded schedules, @lewlaratbwa gathered all female
creative team
to launched in partnership with Women to Watch and
Meio & Mensagem#OTrabalhoQueNinguémVê (the work that nobody sees):
a movement that spotlight invisible work in search of a more empathetic day
to day.

        This movement starts on LinkedIn on March 8, International Women's Day.
        On this day, we launched ads that portray the daily life of an overschedule woman
And a manifest video, when we talk more about the invisible work.

For this day, we also invited female advertising professionals to add to their Linkedin profiles, all the extra functions of their agenda.

The movement made noise: several women in the market joined it, also changing their profiles.
To put even more light on it, we also launched on Women to Watch website a landing page that brings good practice tips for a less overloaded routine, such as avoiding meetings too early or too late, messages outside of work hours or calls during lunch time.
To men, our invitation was to check out our best practice tips and support us in this cause. 
After all, together it's easier to change #OTrabalhoQueNinguémVê.

CW: Júlia Calais, Mariana Horta, Eliana Antiqueira
AD: Júlia Lopez, Gabriela Gonzalez, Amanda Peccini, Tábatha Barros

ECD: Sleyman Khodor
CD: Marilu Rodrigues

my role: concept, copywriting