A Cidade da Bolacha

Original recipes. Of original cookies. Wait. Cookies?
In most parts of Brazil, a cookie is called "biscoito". But not in São Paulo:
here, people call it "bolacha".

All the cookie packages in Brazil read biscoito. That's why people from
São Paulo have always heard that bolacha doesn't exist
. How can we
change that?

To celebrate São Paulo's city anniversary, Piraquê, a brazilian cookie brand whose tagline is "A receita é ser original" (the recipe is to be original), gave the city's population one of their greatest originals.

For the first time in history, biscoito has turned into... bolacha.

After all, São Paulo is the City of Bolacha and deserves this original gift.
To make it even more impactful, we created a film that celebrates the city and announces the bolacha

Supla, an original singer from São Paulo, was the voice of it.
How it happened?
@SuplaOriginal kick off the movement by launching his personalized bolacha

After that, the movement gained even more strength with other big names from São Paulo customizing their packages.

On January 25, the action was completed by launched Piraquê's bolacha package and film.
            The silhouette of the state, which is a signature of the city's sidewalks,
            was also brought to the identity of the packaging, which has the term
            bolacha written.

Celebrities then posted the new package on their social media.






Piraquê showed that an original cookie can be called bolacha.
Happy Birthday, SP!

CW: Júlia Calais, Gabriel Marra, Pedro H Santos
AD: Thiago Fernandes, Gabriela Gonzalez

ECD: Sleyman Khodor
CD: Rodrigo da Matta 
Content CD: Felipe Pimentel

my role: concept, copywriting, voiceover direction