NIVEA Nordeste

Brazil is a huge country with many different cultures. The Northeast, one of its uniques regions, it's known for its warmth, rhythms, and thoughtful women. NIVEA has been in the Northeastern market for a while.

However, women don't seemed to have a connection with the brand. To reposition NIVEA we introduced a dialogue that highlights the sorority of the Northeastern women. For the first time, NIVEA launched a campaign for a specific region in Brazil.

The concept Na sua Pele uses a Brazilian expression similar to "in your shoes". That's because the commercial emphasizes the thoughtful and empathic style of strong Northeastern women. And while women take care of one another, NIVEA takes care of all of them.

CW: Júlia Calais, Mariana Albuquerque
AD: Gabriela França, Carina Caye

CCO: Joanna Monteiro
ECD: Fábio Simões
CD: Marco Monteiro, André Pallú

my role: concept, copywriting