Mercado Livre
Mean Tweets

In football, the rule is clear: players are constantly being insulted by fans. However, most of the time, these insults don't target the players themselves but rather... their moms.

Keeping this in mind, we extended an invitation to Valéria, Gerson's mother, and Lindaura, Léo Pereira's mother, both players from one of Brazil's biggest teams, Flamengo, to read and respond to tweets mentioning them.

At the end, they are correct: those who spend time with their own mothers don't engage in discussing other people's mothers.

As a result, they have made a Mercado Livre coupon available so that consumers can celebrate Mother's Day with those who truly matter, instead of spreading online insults.

Don't insult mamas, guys. ;)

CW: Júlia Calais, Júnior Alves
AD: Ana Paula Silva, Beatriz Sotero

CCO: Bruno Brux
ECD: Tiago Abreu, Murilo Melo
CD: Rafael de Miranda, Rapha Borges

my role: concept, copywriting