Stella Artois
Uncomfortable Food

According to data, 96% of home kitchens in Brazil are led by women,
while only 7% of award-winning restaurants are run by them
(IBGE / Chefs Pencil).

This disparity caught the attention of Stella Artois, that in partnership
with chefs from all over Brazil, launches a menu that transforms the
experienced by women in gastronomy into original dishes

“Uncomfortable Food”: an initiative to take gastronomy out of the comfort zone.

We used "comfort food" to portray this social tension through "Uncomfortable Food", a term that refers to the barriers they face.

Renowned chefs across the country gathered to gave rise to this gastronomic experience – each of them is a reflection on the current gastronomy scenario and an invitation to change that will encourage in three main pillars: visibility, credit and training.

In an exclusive dinner, the chefs presented their creations and showed how deliciously necessary uncomfortable foods are.

The launch dinner, where the menu was presented, was a huge success.

For the expanded menu, which could be tried in different parts of Brazil, delicious foods were also created.

The movement spread even further: our chefs were seen all over the country showing that the present is female.

The gods of food are different, huh?
CW: Júlia Calais, Igor Moura
AD: Tiago Pinheiro, Beatriz Sotero, Henry Kage

CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi
ECD: Rafael Ziggy
Group CD: Erick Mendonça
CD: Nayara Lima, Gabriela Moura

my role: concept, copywriting