Vult - O Boticário

The process of discovering female beauty extends beyond looking in the mirror.
Far from the stereotypes created about what is "beautiful", beauty for many women reveals itself during various moments in life, when reflecting on their emotional baggage, journeys, scars, desires and unique traits.

In parallel with this, makeup, which once served as an imposition reinforcing unattainable standards, has now become a true tool and choice for those seeking
to enhance their features and express themselves to the world.

"Bem-Vinda" (Welcome) goes into this process. It's an advertising piece by Vult that came to life in the portrayal of Isabel Teixeira, a talented actress known for her role
as Maria Bruaca in the highly successful Pantanal, remaked in Brazil.

In her first campaign, Isabel feels the process of self-discovery through beauty.

In a poetic way, the 70-second film captures the symbolic scene of this moment of self-encounter, involving the mirror and makeup.

Isabel walks up to a dressing table as the song "Bem-Vinda", created specifically for the campaign and performed by the renowned singer Cida Moreira, sets the tone.
The original song takes us into an intimate and contemplative moment, bridging the actress's life with that of many other women.

"Bem-Vinda" was so well-received that the lyrics were made available on various platforms for the audience to follow along.

This project arrives at a time of significant cultural excitement surrounding Isabel, who has solidified her presence in the Brazilian television drama landscape.

The outcome? Within 48 hours, the campaign registered over 49% of the estimated impact for the entire campaign.
Additionally, there was a remarkable 571% increase in views on YouTube within the first 24 hours.

The campaign achieved 20M impacts (74% higher than the 2022 goal) and a growth of over 768% in organic views on Instagram.

The campaign reinforces Vult's new positioning, "Voa, que o mundo é seu" (Fly, the world is yours), focusing on the power of this message about connection and discovery, reinforcing in the concept of female empowerment that the brand embodies.

"Bem-Vinda", therefore, speaks to the freedom to believe in one's own power, transforming women through makeup.
CW: Júlia Calais

CEO/CCO: Felipe Simi

my role: concept, copywriting, music composition, voice direction