Stella Artois

Helena Rizzo is the only female chef in Brazil with a Michelin Star -
but we want her to be one of many.

In pursuit of this goal, Stella Artois has introduced StartHer: a campaign
that initiates new female chefs on the starter menus of Michelin-starred restaurants.

StartHer promotes the start of new female chefs on the starter menus of Michelin-starred restaurants, highlighting and advocating for women's presence in
haute cuisine.

We used the brand's track record of building relationships with top restaurants and its negotiation power to promote the inclusion of more women in the most renowned kitchens. And we made our move at the exact moment the Michelin inspectors were in the country to evaluate the restaurants.

This campaign wants to encourage professional kitchens to increasingly allow women to work with them. And to do this, renowned restaurants in São Paulo received entries signed by chefs from across the country, providing recognition and productive inclusion to women.
Behind every success story there is some support that is not always known. In the gastronomic world, women are not always given the leading role - until now.

What about start to see them shine even brighter?
Júlia Calais, Igor Moura, Maria Fiuza
Patrícia Kano, Henry Kage, Beatriz Sotero

Felipe Simi
Rafael Ziggy
ECD: Erick Mendonça, Marina Cota, Rafael Alves
Isabela Marangoni

my role: concept, copywriting